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Help clients discover your tax business.
A full marketing plan to bring growth to your business in traditional print, social media, and digital aspects.
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Full Marketing Solution
Newer tax businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the affordable marketing package.
Companies who also want more than one service can benefit from this option.

Use effective traditional methods.
Print and Design
Of course, having proper design work is an important part of marketing your business. This applies to what customers see online. Additionally, it applies to what they see and feel in front of them. Tax Marketing Services printing and design services will give your business more than enough tools to promote your tax business.
Reach clients at their doorsteps.
Every Door Direct Mail® is a technique that reaches out to as many people in a given area as possible. With EDDM®, you can deliver postcards that advertise your tax business to your target audience without the stress. As a matter of fact, It is easy to use and offered at such a low price! Furthermore, your tax business is sure to benefit from using EDDM®.
Become tech savvy.
Social Media
Social media is where you can reach a large crowd with the least amount of effort. In the United States, 69% of adults are on at least one social media platform. Furthermore, 56% of those adults are using more than one. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin are not only for sharing your social lives, but are used a lot by businesses.
Move your business online.
Digital Marketing
Online marketing is not restricted to social media platforms. Digital marketing reaches potential clients through different forms of media, such as paid ads, videos, email, and websites. With Tax Marketing Services, you can increase brand awareness with the right techniques for your business.
The Full Marketing Solution Package
This subscription runs through peak tax season (January 1st to April 30th).
1040TaxBizPrint is here to provide you with an all inclusive package that contains all the platform access and services that we offer. We recommend our full marketing service to newer tax businesses looking to advertise as possible at an affordable price. Also, this is great for companies interested in more than one of our packages, but don’t want to pay for each one separately.
  • Access to Tax Print Templates ($300 value)
  •  Done-For-You Social Media Engagement Post Templates ($200 value)
  •  Done-For-You Monthly Tax Blog Post Templates ($200 value)
  •  Access to Tracking Analytics Reports and Data ($200 value)
  •  Access to Social Media Management Software ($500 value)
  •  Set Up and Design of Marketing Website including Automated Follow-Up Emails ($1000 value)
  •  Completed Lead Magnets Opt-in Pages ($300 value)
  •  Already Done Tax Marketing Video ($700 value)
  •  Online Reputation Monitoring ($600 value)
  •  ...and more!
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*Please note, these prices includes the one-time set up fee AND the first four months of subscription during peak tax season (January 1st to April 30th).
Payment Options
Choose the payment plan that works for you!
One-Time Payment
Four Months Subscription (Jan - April)
$1200 Total
You are paying: $10/day.
Two Payments
Four Months Subscription (Jan - April)
$1300 Total
You are paying: $11/day.
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