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We help tax professionals to market their tax businesses.
A full marketing plan to bring growth to your business with traditional print, social media, and digital aspects.
Full Tax Marketing Solution
Tax professionals businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the affordable marketing package. Companies who also want more than one service can benefit from this option.

Use effective traditional methods.
Print and Design
Of course, having proper design work is an important part of marketing your tax business. This applies to what customers see online. Additionally, it applies to what they see and feel in front of them. The secret weapon could be printed and designed. Here's why:
  • First Impressions: first impression with a professional-looking business card or brochure
  • Building Trust: clear and well-designed materials, like guides or booklets, show you know your stuff
  • Consistent Look: look the same online and on paper
  • ​Keeping Clients Interested: cool materials, like newsletters or reports, keep clients engaged
  • Standing Out: unique designs help you stand out in a crowded market
  • Tangible Reminders: Unlike emails, printed materials stay around can stick on a desk, reminding people of your tax skills
1040 TaxBiz Marketing printing and design services will give a touch of good design to your tax accounting marketing can make a big difference
Reach clients at their doorsteps.
Unlock local growth with Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®)! Reach a broad audience effortlessly by delivering tax business postcards directly to your target area. It's the stress-free way to elevate your business locally!
  • Target the Right Homes: focus on specific neighborhoods where potential clients are likely to live
  • Be Local and Visible:  EDDM® helps you saturate local areas with your message, making you a familiar face in the community and building trust
  • Save Money, Get Results: budget-friendly and a cost-effective way to reach a broad audience and get noticed
  • ​Personalize Your Message: personalized EDDM® campaigns connect with potential clients on a personal level
In short, EDDM® is your secret weapon for effective, affordable, and targeted local marketing. Try it now and watch your tax accounting business thrive!
A Strategic Advantage
Social Media
Social media is where you can reach a large crowd with the least amount of effort. In the United States, 69% of adults are on at least one social media platform. In the tax and financial services arena, social media is a game-changer. Here's why it's crucial for tax professionals:
  • Building Trust: share helpful stuff regularly and makes people trust you more
  • Talk to the Right People: Say what matters to the folks you want to talk to and makes them pay attention to you
  • Show What You Know: share valuable tax and financial insights consistently and demonstrates expertise and reliability
  • ​Networking Boost: engage in industry discussions for networking
  • Client Education: use social media to inform clients about policy changes
Using social media is not just talking, it's a must-do for tax pros. From building trust to talking to the right people, it's a way to stand out.
Move your business online.
Digital Marketing
Online marketing is not restricted to social media platforms. Digital marketing reaches potential clients through different forms of media, such as paid ads, videos, email, and landing pages. 
  • Visibility Boost: makes you visible to potential clients actively searching for financial services online
  • Trust Building:  being online allows tax professionals to share valuable content, testimonials, and educational materials, this helps in building trust with potential clients who are looking for reliable and knowledgeable experts
  • Client Expansion: through targeted online strategies, like social media and email marketing, tax accountants can reach a broader audience
  • ​Cost-Effective Promotion: it's through social media advertising or email campaigns, it allows tax professionals to market their expertise without breaking the bank
  • Competitive Edge: having a strong online presence sets tax accountants apart from competitors
Imagine it as a powerful tool that helps these professionals showcase their expertise, reach more people, and grow their businesses.
Dominate Tax Season Locally
Local SEO Solutions
In the competitive landscape of tax services, being visible locally is paramount. 1040 TaxBiz Marketing is here to supercharge your local presence through expert Local SEO strategies. 
  • Local Trust, Local Clients: In tax services, local trust is key. Our Local SEO strategies make you the trusted choice for individuals and businesses in your community.
  • Be Found Where It Matters: When potential clients search for tax services locally, we ensure your business appears prominently in search results, boosting client acquisition.
  • Optimized Google My Business: We perfect your Google My Business profile, a potent tool to attract local clients, showcase expertise, and stand out in local searches.
  • Localized Content Strategies: Our content resonates locally. From website content to blogs, we tailor your message to meet the unique needs of your local clientele.
Precision Marketing
Stand Out This Tax Season! Our Special Geofencing Magic for Tax Pros. We're here to make sure your tax services are seen by the right people, right where it matters across the USA.
  • Find the Right Folks: Zoom in on tax pros and potential clients in specific spots, making sure your message hits the bullseye.
  • Be Right on Time:  Send quick messages and special offers straight to phones in your chosen areas, catching attention during the busiest tax season moments.
  • Be the Top Choice: Be the first name they see! Stand out in the crowd, making your brand the one everyone thinks of first.
Don't let the opportunity of tax season pass by without maximizing your impact. 1040 TaxBiz Marketing Geofencing solutions are here to ensure your tax practice stands out among the competition.
The Full Marketing Solution Package
This subscription runs through peak tax season (January 1st to April 30th).
1040TaxBiz Marketing is here to provide you with an all-inclusive package that contains all the platform access and services that we offer. We recommend our full marketing service to newer tax businesses looking to advertise as much as possible at an affordable price. Also, this is great for companies interested in more than one of our packages, but don’t want to pay for each one separately.
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  • Access to Tax Print Templates ($300 value)
  •  Done-For-You Social Media Engagement Post Templates ($200 value)
  •  Done-For-You Monthly Tax Blog Post Templates ($200 value)
  •  Access to Tracking Analytics Reports and Data ($200 value)
  •  Access to Social Media Management Software ($1000 value)
  •  Set Up and Design of Marketing Website including Automated Follow-Up Emails ($1000 value)
  •  Completed Lead Magnets Opt-in Pages ($300 value)
  •  Already Done Tax Marketing Video ($700 value)
  •  Online Reputation Monitoring ($600 value)
  •  ...and more!
TOTAL VALUE: $4000/mo*
OUR PRICE: $475/mo*
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